Instagram is today, one of the most influential social networks on the world scene. This causes, constantly, updates that give a twist to the platform.

One of its most striking features is the possibility of adding music to stories on Instagram.

The rock music trivia stories on Instagram will be one of the main strengths of the application.

Using them correctly can significantly increase the number of visits to our profile. Therefore, being aware of the latest developments and knowing how to use them in our favor can help us stand out on the platform. Today, we explain how to add music on Instagram Stories. Do you stay?

How to put music to Instagram stories:

Currently, there are different ways to add music to stories on Instagram. We can get it using the music from Spotify or through the app’s music tag.

If you are interested in starting to use this functionality, either option can help you. Therefore, below we detail, step by step, how to use and activate Instagram Music.

Put Spotify music on Instagram Stories:

As we mentioned, it is possible to add songs on Instagram Stories using Spotify music.

To do this, you simply have to enter the music app. Once in your profile, look for the song that you are interested in sharing on Instagram. When you have it located, you must click on the “options” icon of the song (the one shown with 3 points).

You will see that a new window opens with different possibilities, click on the one that says «share».

Immediately after, the available options will appear. Choose the one that says “Instagram Stories.”

Next, the Instagram application will open, where you can customize the story at your convenience. Add the labels and/or the desired text and, when everything is to your liking, share it with the world!

Once published, the story will show the image and the name of the song. Users who click on it can also open the song and listen to it on Spotify.

How to use the music sticker on Instagram

Another option available to add music to stories on Instagram is to use the stickers of the application itself. Getting it is quite simple, do you dare?

First, we must access the Instagram app. Once inside, we will have to click on the camera icon or on the “create a story” to start.

Complete the story, choosing the photo, image, and texts that you like the most. When you have it, click on the “stickers” icon.

Among the options available, you must choose the music sticker on Instagram.

Then, a menu will open with the available possibilities. In this case, you can choose between:

  • Most popular songs.
  • Songs according to the musical genre.
  • Songs according to mood.
  • The search engine for songs. Very useful when you have your choice clear.

If you want to listen to the melody before incorporating it, you can do it by clicking on the “play” located to the right of each song.

Once you have made your choice, you can add the song to your story by clicking on it.

In the next step, Instagram will give us the possibility to choose the song fragment we want to use.

This function is especially useful when we are interested, for example, using only the chorus.

Finally, we simply have to follow the steps we take with any other story. We will, therefore, click on “send to” and finally on “share” your story.

As you can see, using Instagram music stickers is very easy and fast, it will take you less than 2 minutes!

Music does not appear on Instagram Stories, what do I do?

Have you tried using the music sticker on Instagram and it doesn’t appear? There are different reasons why this may happen to you. As many of you know, sometimes Instagram lets you use its features to accounts for and countries that meet certain requirements.

If you are having problems because there is no music on Instagram Stories, we encourage you to try some of the following solutions:

What type of account are you using? With a personal account, it is easier to use the music sticker and therefore use and activate Instagram Music. If you have a business account, this functionality may not appear.

Do you have the latest version of the app?  If not, try updating it to see if, in this way, the sticker appears.

Try clearing the application cache. To do this, you must go to the configuration section of your mobile. If this does not work, you can try changing the VPN with a specialized app.

If after all of the above, music does not appear on Instagram Stories, perhaps it is that your account, for the moment, cannot use the functionality.


Instagram is advancing by leaps and bounds, and we can constantly find useful and fun features to bring our publications and stories to life.

Adding music to stories on Instagram will undoubtedly give an original and different touch to your stories and, as we have seen, doing so is very fast and simple. And you, do you dare to put rhythm to your stories?

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