Bubble Wrap Your Most Precious Asset

I recently saw an advertisement on television for a drink that contains all of the nutrients a body needs plus antioxidants to help boost the immune system, and thus, assist a person in fighting toxins and impurities and potentially add years to a person’s life. Antioxidants are found naturally in many fruits, vegetables, and green teas. The makers of this fruit flavored beverage brilliantly market these protectors of human bodies from “biological rogues” with the use of bubble wrap. This fascinating concept of using bubble wrap spurred my thinking.

Clear bubble wrap, which is commonly used in packaging breakable items before shipping, is scattered throughout this commercial to help protect the actor from becoming injured. The streets and sidewalks are lined with bubble wrap. All of the buildings and cars are covered in it. Even a belligerent dog that chases after the guy, in the ad, is wrapped in the bubble wrap and therefore can’t bite him. With each step the individual takes, the bubbles pop and crackle under his feet, but he is safe; and he feels invincible.

There is nothing in his environment that can harm him. He stumbles and falls but is safeguarded from any bumps and bruises. He just automatically bounces back to his feet, sustaining no damage, and with only a few popped bubbles xop boc hang lying in his wake. By the end of the commercial, he is so thrilled by the thought of not being adversely affected by anything he encounters that he runs and leaps off the roof of a building – like a kid who “cannon-balls” into a pool of water. And, with gleeful laughter he lands on the bubble wrap below.

After viewing this ad, I thought, “Wow! What a clever concept! To have an entire world wrapped in clear plastic bubbles; and every offense, trip, slip and fall is deflected, and you land right back on your feet. Outstanding!” Although no one lives in such a world, we can apply the same principles to our professional and personal lives. We can bubble wrap the fragile, very important things and persons in our lives, and we can do it by taking excellent care of one another and ourselves.

We can give our lives the protectants, antioxidants, that we need not only through our diets but also through prayer, exercise, our mental growth and successes. Each time we need a spirit or psyche boost, we can fill up on free inspirational wallpapers. With just a few clicks of our mouse, we can inspire our fragile position and quickly subdue doubting, unproductive thoughts. We can bubble wrap ourselves in these astonishing words and pictures and go out and conquer our vices, defeats, and outlandish ideas.


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