Soccer Is Life and A Journey

When you love the game of soccer it takes you into deep thought as a player, coach, spectator, or fan of the best teams in the world. What gives someone the drive to expect nothing but perfection from the athletes that you coach, support, or teammates that you play with. What is this game all about?

The word more is a very small word. But in life it seems to have deep and large meanings. For instance take the acronym M-O-R-E. “M” means Manage, “O” means Opportunity, “R” means Run the Race, and “E” means “End”. xem bong da truc tuyen So, “Manage Opportunity Run the Race and End”.

Manage: A player who manages his time, trains in the morning, studies, and moves on to higher levels.

Opportunity: Who do opportunities come to, a player, coach, or person at the right place at the right time? Or a person who goes out and puts forth the effort to manage his time properly.

Run the Race: Regardless of opportunities even if you manage your time it seems as though the race is still difficult. We keep running and running trying to accomplish goals that we have never completed before, and sometimes trying to repeat goals that we can not accomplish any more.

“We keep on running but we can’t get away from ourselves.” — Bob Marley

Many players spend their entire lives trying to get the opportunity to represent their country in the 1980’s and 1990’s. In the 80’s and 90’s every player that represented their national team were known players in their countries. Today in the 2000’s, players are getting away with “murder”. There is a large difference as players today are not the best known players in their villages, towns, or cities, but they are representing their country’s national teams. Today’s player who is running the race must place himself in situations where he is around people that matter. To be selected by a college coach to further his education in addition to a college coach with connections where he could end up on the national team level. Is it true that the player must be a special athlete? Because we can see today that the largest clubs in world soccer are now giving in to the mighty dollar. Where is the man with passion, dedication, who is running this race for the game of soccer who is a die hard fan.

End: How many more players, coaches, teachers will die with no thanks being given to them for what they have accomplished in your lives and lives of people all over the world.

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